9:35 – 10:25 am

Understanding and Affirming Transgender, Non-binary,
and Gender Nonconforming Identities

Presented by Jeanette Adams-Price, Professional Learning Leader at Monroe One BOCES, this session focuses on becoming familiar with relevant terminology and best ways to support and become allies to gender expansive individuals. Participants will be able to: 
•    develop and broaden their current understanding of gender 
•    clarify the differences between biological sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation 
•    identify resources and strategies to support students who identify as transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming, gender fluid, gender expansive, and/or gender queer individuals


jeanette headshot.png

Jeanette Adams-Price is an experienced elementary classroom teacher, professional learning leader, and education consultant and is currently an Instructional Specialist with the Office of School Improvement Professional Learning Team at Monroe One BOCES.  


She is a seasoned conference presenter at the local, state, and national levels and has worked with teachers and administrators of all levels and content areas.  


Jeanette currently leads initiatives on student-centered and classroom embedded formative assessment; standards-based learning, grading, and reporting; LGBTQ+ education; and leads SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Leaders in the greater Rochester area.  


She earned her Safe Zone train the trainer certification from the OutAlliance in Rochester, New York where she also serves as a member of the Speaker's Bureau.  As a Speaker's Bureau member, she speaks to a variety of groups helping them better understand LGBTQ+ identities and ways to best support and create inclusive environments for LGBTQ+ people in various settings so that everyone can be their fully authentic and productive selves.   

She is currently leading LGBTQ+ specific trainings across NY state, including:  

  • *Safe Zone Training for Educators 

  • *LGBTQ+ Terminology and Pronouns 

  • 8Respectful Conversation Strategies 

  • *Supporting and Affirming Transgender, Non-binary, and Gender Nonconforming Identities 

  • *Supporting Young People When they Come Out as LGBTQ+   


She earned her B.S. in Elementary Education from SUNY Geneseo and her master's degree in Reading Education from SUNY Brockport.  She holds teaching certificates in Elementary Education, Secondary Mathematics and K-12 Reading.