How do we unite greater Rochester behind the very clear and powerful message to end hate? Working with groups across our diverse communities, the Levine Center to End Hate seeks to amplify both new and existing efforts through programming that explores our differences, develops skills for dialogue, and activates cooperative and collaborative responses to hate in all its forms.    



Uniting Community

The Disturbing Resilience of Antisemitism 


Antisemitism is the world’s oldest form of hate. In recent years we have seen a resurgence of anti-Jewish bigotry and violence. We explored how antisemitism has survived and thrived over thousands of years and learned how to  deepen your understanding about the lived realities and challenges facing the Jewish people today. Featuring, civic entrepreneur, thought leader, and policy advisor Oren Jacobson.

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Brave Spaces 2021: Rochester's 2nd Annual Summit
to End Hate



Rochester's 2nd Annual Summit to End Hate will help you develop a deeper

understanding of what is driving today's increased expressions of hate-and 

how to address bias in your own spheres of influence.

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ASIAN MATTERS: Standing with Rochester's Asian American Communities


3.21.2021 | 4.11.2021 | 5.02.2021 


In light of recent attacks on Asian and Asian Americans across the country, the Levine Center to End Hate is proud to partner with Monroe Community College’s Department of Global Education & International Services to present a three-part series exploring the Asian and Asian American communities of Greater Rochester, the history of racism and xenophobia aimed at Asian and Asian Americans in our country, and ways we can work together to support our Asian and Asian American neighbors.

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A TALE OF TWO CITIES:  Redlining and Racist Policies in Rochester New York



Over 1,600 members of our community registered for this special online event produced in collaboration with TEDx Rochester, and presented by Simeon Banister, VP of Community Programs for the Rochester Area Community Foundation and local educator and researcher Shane Wiegand.

Building on separate workshop sessions first presented during our BRAVE SPACES event in September 2020, Simeon and Shane joined forces to deliver an incredibly thorough, insightful, and challenging history lesson on the often overlooked social policies that have shaped our home city of Rochester, New York.

Simeon Banister

Simeon Banister

VP Community Programs

Rochester Area Community Foundation

Shane Wiegand

Shane Wiegand

Educator & Researcher

BRAVE SPACES:  Rochester's Summit to End Hate


One participant called it "a day of active and wise hope." Another appreciated the opportunity to grapple with issues and topics "for those who wonder how we got to this very segregated place." These were just two of the voices of the nearly 400 participants, panelists, and facilitators from across Rochester who joined us for BRAVE SPACES: Rochester's Summit to End Hate.


Planning for the day-long summit began in early 2020, with the goal of reaching across Rochester’s diverse communities to engage individuals of all ages and backgrounds to learn from the best and brightest local and national experts on how to combat all forms of hate. That included crowd-sourcing workshops from community leaders in the cultural, educational, philanthropic, and social justice sectors of our region.

"It was exciting to think so much originated in Rochester. Please continue what you are doing."

Redlining Rochester
Eric Ward Brave Spaces
Rowland Williams
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Hard Facts
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The day kicked off with an inspiring keynote address from Eric Ward, a Senior Fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center, followed by 12 workshops and closing words from Rochester native, former NFL champion, and founder of the Champion Academy Roland Williams.

Eric K Ward

WHY DO WE HATE:  A Community Conversation



The Levine Center to End Hate was proud to welcome Arno Michaelis and Pardeep Kaleka on a special evening in November to lead our launch event, “Why Do We Hate? A Community Conversation”.  The two men are co-authors of The Gift of Our Wounds: A Sikh and Former White Supremacist Find Forgiveness After Hate.

Before a sold-out crowd that included a diverse audience of high school and college students and adults from across the area, the two men spoke of their unique friendship and their work for peace. It was an evening of inspiration and a fitting kick-off for our efforts to unite the greater Rochester community in overcoming hate through education, dialogue, and positive action.

Arno and Pardeep



When hate harms one segment of our community, it adversely affects us all. The Levine Center to End Hate is resolved to counter these horrific events through a rapid response that demonstrates solidarity with groups that have been targeted and brings people with diverse and potentially opposing views together to listen respectfully to one another.

Rapid Response

Islamic Center Rally for Hope



In the immediate aftermath of the horrific shootings at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, the Levine Center to End Hate mobilized the local community to stand in solidarity with our Muslim neighbors. More than 300 people of diverse faiths, races, and ages gathered at the Islamic Center of Rochester holding signs expressing their support. Islamic Center leaders invited all those present to enter the mosque for afternoon prayers. Hundreds of men, women, and children filled the sanctuary, where they participated in the service and heard spontaneous messages of hope from Muslim and interfaith leaders, including the Jewish Federation CEO and the Director of the Levine Center to End Hate.