The Levine Center to End Hate seeks to unite the greater Rochester community in overcoming hate through education, dialogue, and positive action.


Each step taken to end hate is a transformative opportunity we create together. The Levine Center to End Hate increases these opportunities through programming that activates cooperative and collaborative responses to hate in all its forms. Partnering with local agencies throughout greater Rochester, we are proud to amplify efforts that foster tolerance and understanding across our community.

Racism Is a Public Health Crisis

Protests across the country are calling us to witness what we have always known to exist: the systemic racism that underlies and permeates our societal structures. We express grief, pain, and outrage over centuries of racial injustice that have resulted in Black lives demeaned, derailed, and cut short.

We formally pledge our support for the Greater Rochester Black Agenda Group’s declaration that Racism is a Public Health Crisis,  which demands urgent action to address persistent, toxic, and lethal racial discrimination in our community.


Engaging Youth


Programs and sponsorships empower today’s youth to become the transformational leaders of tomorrow.

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Uniting Community


Responsive action and dialogue brings all of Rochester together in a collective force against hate.

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