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“Love Ambassadors” is a volunteer engagement program designed to mobilize and harness the power of individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact in Greater Rochester. They promote love, kindness, and compassion while addressing the issues of hate in the community. Apply to be a Love Ambassador.

In short: we need visible allies wherever allies are needed. We need to protect and uplift our community, and we need your help! Love Ambassadorship is all about showing up but also about specific volunteer opportunities we’d like to connect you to and have you take advantage of.

A photo of 2 teenage girls making hearts with their hands. They are wearing red shirts that say "spread love. End Hate."

"Unlike other movements for social change that require joining organizations and attending meetings, we can begin the process of making community wherever we are.

We can begin by sharing a smile, a warm greeting, a bit of conversation; by doing a kind deed or by acknowledging kindness offered us."

-bell hooks

What we do

Community Engagement

Here's one example of what community engagement might look like: donning your Love Ambassador shirt and standing at the Public Market, giving out money tokens or coupons for a free coffee! If you see someone do something nice, maybe we catch it on camera and hand off a Levine Center token that offers a reward or incentive... that they then pass on.


Take active part in volunteer opportunities we highlight that are under the umbrella of our mission – ending hate. This means collaborating with local nonprofits, shelters, and community centers to actively contribute to initiatives focused on supporting marginalized individuals or groups.


Have something you’re a pro at? Host a conversation or workshop that allows you to share those skills with your fellow volunteers or community. Or help us organize a community dialogue or open-forum discussion to engage people from different backgrounds, break stereotypes, and facilitate understanding!

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