2:15 – 3:00 pm

SESSION TWO: Systems Change

Redlining, Racist Policy, and Resistance in Rochester, New York

This workshop examines multiple primary source documents related to redlining, racially restrictive covenants, exclusionary zoning policy, urban renewal, and the oral histories of people of color like Dr. Walter Cooper, Dr. Alice Young, Howard Coles, and many others.

Workshop Goal: The goal of this workshop is to inform the community on the local history of redlining, racist policy, and the people who resisted.


Shane Wiegand.jpg

Shane Wiegand is a fourth grade teacher in the Rush-Henrietta School District. He has researched, compiled, and taught Rochester's history of structural racism and resistance in his classroom for the past eight years. Starting with ten fourth grade teachers in his school district, Shane has now trained over two hundred teachers in anti-racist curriculum across five districts: Pittsford, Rochester, Rush-Henrietta, Webster, and West Irondequoit.

Based on the research and interviews conducted to develop this curriculum, Shane also created a lecture on the local history of redlining and has given hundreds of presentations to local civic organizations, non-profits, congregations, and student groups.

Shane is a board member of Connected Communities, Beechwood Neighborhood Coalition, The Police Accountability Board Alliance, and City Roots Community Land Trust. He is an adjunct faculty instructor in the URMC Department of Neurology, where he lectures, leads workshops around white fragility, and consults on equity work. He and his wife live in the Beechwood neighborhood of Rochester.