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On September 13, 2020 we held Rochester's Summit To End Hate. The goal was to reach across Rochester’s diverse communities to engage individuals of all ages and backgrounds to learn from the best and brightest local and national experts on how to combat all forms of hate. One participant called it "a day of active and wise hope." Another appreciated the opportunity to grapple with issues and topics "for those who wonder how we got to this very segregated place." These were just two of the voices of the nearly 400 participants, panelists, and facilitators from across Rochester who joined us for BRAVE SPACES: Rochester's Summit to End Hate.

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Re-examining Hate: 

How Antisemitism and Racism Fuel White Nationalism


An online presentation from Eric Ward, Senior Fellow, Southern Poverty Law Center

Eric K Ward

Eric Ward

Brace 2020 Keynote


Inspiring Action

Williams, Roland 10-5-18.JPG

Roland Williams


Story Telling & Skill Building

From My Story to Their Story: Using Our Stories to Help Others Share Theirs

Participants will practice vulnerability, empathy, and active listening as they share and listen to other’s stories. Their questions will serve as the foundation for open dialogue with family, friends, and strangers.

Overview of Restorative Practices: A Collaborative Framework to End Hate

Come away with an understanding of applications for ending hate; including creating inclusive spaces, addressing equity, and responding to oppression in everyday interactions. 

The Bravest Space: Facing the Divide Within

Our resistance to engage when witnessing discrimination is often connected to early experiences of not being heard or of being dismissed when we did speak up. When we confront our fear with openness and curiosity, we can make a deep, lasting connection with those we see as “other”. 

Zack Ellis 1.png

Zack Ellis

May, Shira Head Shot.jpg

Dr. Shira May

Steve Jarose.jpg

Steve Jarose

Nick Moore.JPG

Nick Moore

Elisa DeJesus.jpg

Elisa DeJesus

The Haudenausenee and the Story of the Peacemaker

Hear the story of the Peacemaker and Tedadaho, and how the Haudenosaunee People found peace during a time of warring and unrest among the Nations. Learn peace through storytelling; a sacred process of teaching for the Haudenosaunee People.

Ronalyn Pollack Head Shot.jpg

Ronalyn Pollack

Brave 2020 Session 1


Systems Change

Becoming an Anti-Racist

Participants will begin to deepen their understanding of “anti-racism” and discuss ways in which they can take the next steps to increase their understanding and commitment to dismantling racism.

Danny Redic

Daniel Redic

Kristin Hocker.jpg

Kristin Hocker

Brave 2020 Session 2

Redlining, Racist Policy, and Resistance in Rochester, NY

Examine multiple primary source documents related to redlining, racially restrictive covenants, exclusionary zoning policy, urban renewal, and the oral histories of people of color like Dr. Walter Cooper, Dr. Alice Young, Howard Coles, and many others.

Shane Wiegand.jpg

Shane Wiegand

Representation Matters: Media Imaging and Stereotyping
Our culture is saturated with stereotypical depictions of race and difference. The effort to end hate and racism requires us not only to recognize these problematic instances of representation, but to understand the mechanics of these images—how and why they are made, their histories and their social impact in the present moment. This workshop will consist of a panel discussion between faculty, students, and members of the art and design communities about the role images play in reinforcing and/or breaking stereotypes.


Catherine Zuromskis


Mari Jaye Blanchard

Aria Dines.jpeg

Aria A. Dines

Joy Anderson.jpg

Joy Anderson


Mark Reisch


'Wáats'asdiyei (Joe Yates)

Rochester: History and Structural Racism

Participants will come away from this workshop with a deeper understanding of the historical foundations of Rochester's segregation and entrenched poverty and an exploration of some of the solutions that can lead to a more equitable community.


Simeon Banister


Activism, Organizing, & Hope

Anger as a Voice for Change

Anger is a powerful emotion that can sometimes have destructive effects, but it can also be harnessed to remind us what’s important and to create change in our interpersonal relationships and communities.


Bianca Pointner

Jonathon Jones

Driving Out Hate: What We Can Learn from Chilli and Pittsford

Local community members will share effective practices and ideate ways to build cross-community dialogues in the Greater Rochester region. 

taj head shot.png

Dr. Taj Smith


Marvin Stepherson


Sherry Jackson


Lindsay Swanson

Shawna Enhanced.jpg

Shawna Lusk

Gwen Bio.jpg

Gwen Clifton

When Do I Step In? The Mechanics of Intervention

Participants will be more reflective about their actions in situations where they might intervene. They will understand the mechanisms that often stop us from intervening and result in our becoming bystanders. They will explore the complexities of our ideas of morality (what’s good and bad) and finally they will come away with some tools to encourage them to be upstanders, anti-racists, anti-misogynists, etc.

Jodi Oriel Head Shot.JPG

Jodi Oriel


Angelique Stevens

Youth Activism Panel

Youth have a lot to say about the state of our country and our communities. Are we willing to listen? Hear the voices of young people in our communities and the perspective of young activists.


Sally Brothers


Mary Callahan

Brave 2020 Session 3
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