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Overcoming hate begins with education and continues with opportunities to build on lessons learned. The Youth Ambassador Council (YAC) meets with community leaders and activists in the Greater Rochester area to better understand discrimination and how we can address it. Additionally, Youth Ambassadors assist Levine Center programming while developing their own initiatives within the community. Our goal is to meet kids and young adults where they are and work together to build understanding based on compassion and mutual respect.

“What can we do about bullying? Become an upstander. Upstanders take action to address bullying instead of bystanders who only observe bullying without speaking up.”


— Farell Carey

Youth Ambassador

Vertus High School

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Youth Ambassador Council

A Glimpse at Our Work
Want the Ambassadors to present at your school/work/organization? 

Select Slides from Youth United 2023 Presentation 

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Select Slides from Brave Spaces 2022 Presentation

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School Directory Map

The Youth Ambassador Council developed a school directory of the Greater Rochester area to create a resource for students and parents. The directory and resulting map can be used to locate additional schooling options in your area, identify DASA (Dignity for All Students Act) Coordinators, and much more.

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