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We believe that breaking bread together is a powerful way to foster connections, learn about diverse cultures, and promote meaningful dialogue within our community. Our vision is not only to share culinary traditions but also to create an environment that encourages thoughtful discussions and friendships. Come together with us as we gather to make dough as a team, taste the final result, and leave with your personalized recipe to try at home! 

Are you interested in hosting one of your own?
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May's Program: Dumplings


We are so grateful to everyone who joined us at our Breaking Bread program on May 23rd, 2024 in honor of Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! Seeing strangers of all ages and backgrounds coming together to celebrate the beauty of Asian culture through the art of dumpling-making is just what we pictured when we started this initiative.

A heartfelt thank you to David Scott from the Monroe County DEI Office for hosting and underwriting the program. Special thanks to APAA Board Member Christina Lee for coordinating and leading the mandu assembly, and to Filipino-American Association of Rochester President Ethel Conley for your wonderful lumpia demonstration!

January's Program: Challah

Thank you to all who came together for our first Breaking Bread program on January 18th, 2024! In honor of Martin Luther King’s vision of a community in which we can all “sit at the table of brotherhood,” we learned about the Jewish tradition of making challah, the bread used ceremonially during Shabbat. We discussed what “the taking of challah” represents, and why this centuries-old practice is performed in kitchens all over the world on Friday afternoons.

We spoke of the concept of Shabbat (Friday night to Saturday evening) as “separation,” and how our bread-making mirrors the experience
of braiding together ourselves with our community. 

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