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We often hear that it will take support from the entire community to achieve progress, yet it can be difficult to know where to start. We hope you will consider joining us at one of our upcoming events to join the conversation.


In the meantime, some of our recent programs have given us jumping off points. The Black Prosperity panelists encouraged us to support Black owned businesses in our community. Our "State of Hate in Greater Rochester" community survey offered some suggestions for addressing discrimination and we are encouraged that nearly half of our respondents have taken some action. Have a suggestion for actions we should discuss? Send us a message!

A photo of a protest in the form of a march. A downtown city street is filled with people.
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Step in or say something when witnessing an act of discrimination

Make a new friend of a different race/ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or physical/intellectual ability from me

Have a positive conversation with friends or family about the challenges various groups face

A photo of a crowd holding up tea light candles. It reads "Donate"

Attend a local protest or rally in support of social change

A photo of a group of people walking in a march. It reads " Join  our email list." and "Be a love ambassador."
A photo of a city skyline, lit up. It reads "Contact your reps'.

Have a productive conversation with someone whose views on discrimination are different than your own

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