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On October 17, 2021 we held Rochester's Second Annual Summit To End Hate. This summit was about creating the brave spaces needed to talk about and interrupt racism, antisemitism, and all other forms of hate.  We take an intersectional approach, recognizing that when one group is affected by hate, others typically are as well. In truth, we are more alike than different. It is in seeing the humanity in others that are different from ourselves that we begin to break down the animus that leads to hate.   

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Hate Will Not Divide Us


Both Asian American and Jewish, Ms. Chang will talk about how the uptick in anti-Asian as well as anti-Jewish hate has affected her personally and professionally, and how she has used her platform to bring these issues to the public’s attention.  


Juju Chang


Chris Mosier will discuss his historic experience as the first transgender athlete to compete in the Olympic Trials in the gender with which they identify.


Chris Mosier


Business & Education Leaders

Panel A: Building Unity in the Workplace

As our country faces a racial reckoning, Rochester workplaces are offering their employees programming that enhances awareness and cultural understanding. Today you will hear from a panel of local business and government leaders sharing the successes and challenges they have faced in implementing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programming, and recommendations for building unity in the workplace.


Dr. Seanelle Hawkins

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Melissa Jordan

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Joshua Wu


Dr. Deanna Kimbrel


Mubarak Bashir

Panel B: Teaching History through an Anti-Racist Lens in Monroe County 

Last May, after the killing of George Floyd in police custody sparked nationwide protests for social justice, East High School Superintendent Dr. Shaun Nelms challenged his colleagues across Monroe County to teach students about Rochester’s history of segregation and disparity. Representatives from each of the county’s school districts joined with the University of Rochester’s Center for Urban Education to create a more inclusive history curriculum for 8th, 11th, and 12th graders. Piloted in the spring of 2021, the effort is being rolled out across every Monroe County district this year. Students will explore topics such as housing policies and practices, school funding and segregation, and more within the context of local history, from Rochester’s 1964 uprising to the present day. 

Thomas Cuyler

Thomas Cuyler

Shaun Nelms.png

Dr. Shaun Nelms

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Dr. Kevin McGowan

Mary Grow.png

Mary Grow

Brave 2021 Session 1


Nonprofit Facilitators & Student Leaders

Workshop A: Understanding and Interrupting Implicit Bias

Participants will recognize the connection between culture and bias, have a greater awareness of the role of bias in the negative trajectory of hate, and be introduced to skills that help interrupt biased attitudes and behaviors.

Facilitated By:

Workshop B: Safe Spaces for Youth In Schools

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