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The "State of Hate" survey is aimed at understanding people’s attitudes, beliefs, and experiences of discrimination and bias in Greater Rochester. The survey was conducted in the fall of 2021 and comprised a representative sample of 1,090 community respondents from a nine-county Greater Rochester area. Click here to download the"State of Hate in Greater Rochester"report.

Two key findings have been identified in the survey data.


  1. While most people report being aware that discrimination is an issue in our community, it is a theoretical concept for most Whites but a part of the lived experience for the majority of Blacks/African Americans and members of other subgroups. 

  2. The positive attitude of an overwhelming majority of respondents, encouraging hope for a better future for our community. Greater Rochester is seen as a welcoming place by 81% of area residents – a statistic that holds over many different demographic groups – due to what they see as its diversity and openmindedness.

“This survey offers a new level of understanding of discrimination faced by many different groups. The data will guide our future programming as we continue to build an accepting community.”


— Karen Elam

Executive Director

How much of a problem are the following in the Greater Rochester area?


Survey content was developed by Causewave Community Partners and Crux Research in consultation with the Levine Center to End Hate. BRX Research assisted in data collection. The survey collected data from a representative sample of more than one thousand community respondents from a ninecounty Greater Rochester area. All respondents were aged 18 and over. Quotas were maintained by gender, age, and race/ethnicity. Respondents come from a variety of religious backgrounds and a range of educational backgrounds and household incomes. The data seek to be representative of adults living in the Greater Rochester area.

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