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The Levine Center to End Hate believes that worthwhile dialogue of today’s hot-button issues is most benefited by educational resources that, thankfully, are easily found and readily available across the media—whether in articles and video streaming online or in books and magazines you can find at your local library or bookshop. While we are on the topic of the importance of knowledge, check out this list of ideas for how to resist book banning.


To those in our community, we encourage you to explore Rochester’s history of challenges and social upheaval provoked by various forms of hate through works such as the July '64 documentary or Your Children Are Very Greatly in Danger. Understanding Rochester's history will help put current events into context and help us bridge our divides through a common understanding of the past and united vision for the future.



A candid photo of 2 men of differnent races sitting on a stage. The first man is talking with his his hands  while the other man watches.

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