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Sasha Eloi-Evans


Dr. Sasha Eloi-Evans is a native of the Caribbean and an accomplished practitioner and strategist with several years of higher education leadership. She began her career in higher education at Syracuse University teaching English as a second language. In her current position at University of Rochester, reporting directly to Mercedes Ramírez Fernández, the former Vice President for Equity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer, Eloi-Evans works closely with senior leadership, administration, academic deans, faculty, students, and staff to ensure that equity and inclusion are embraced across the University, enterprise-wide, producing transformative EDI change. She also manages the daily operations of IOEI, including institution-wide equity, diversity, and inclusion from a strategic lens that includes recruitment, training, communication, policy, compliance, and metrics. 

Sasha is a proud Black woman who enjoys reading and spending time with her two children and wife.  She has volunteered as a Staff Equity Officer and served as the Anti-racism Training Co-Chair, LGBTQ Advocacy Committee, Women's Leadership Alliance, Susan B. Anthony Institute Honoree for Service and Activism, Presidential Diversity Award Nominee, and much more. 

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