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Rising like a phoenix from the depths of North Philadelphia, Kevin Rakeen White emerged from the grasp of poverty and hardships, (never forgetting from whence he came), to become one of his generation's most prolific, gifted, and brilliant young black men. With a passion for children, families, and communities, Kevin White used his experiences and lessons from trials and tribulations to empower himself and help others do more with their lives.


As the oldest son of fifteen children, Kevin White decided to travel the path less taken and devote himself to serving as a Junior Servant Leader in the acclaimed Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools® in Philadelphia. These events gave a young man an alternative to Philadelphia's hard-knock, violence-filled, and mean streets. Writing poetry and engaging in junior service led him to become a spoken word artist, playwright, motivational speaker, community builder, and entrepreneur.

Kevin White is a proud Ben Franklin High School and Cheyney University graduate, where he acquired a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theater. Throughout his matriculation as an artist and advocate, Kevin White has performed spoken word and poetry in venues all over the country. He has done motivational speaking, panel discussions, training, and workshops at various community centers, churches, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and universities around the country.

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