1:15 – 2:00 pm

SESSION ONE: Storytelling and Skill Building

From My Story to Their Story: Using Our Stories to Help Others Share Theirs

What would it look like if people in the Rochester community were to know each other's story and to know that others knew their's? How would knowing those stories impact our communal sense of psychological safety and performance as a community? This workshop is the beginning of an attempt to answer these questions by engaging participants in a process where they can reflect on meaningful moments in their own lives and then engage each other in an open dialogue based on questions they have generated for each other. 

Workshop Goals: In this workshop participants will practice vulnerability, empathy, and active listening as they share and listen to other’s stories, generate their own questions which will serve as the foundation for open dialogue with family, friends, and strangers and have the opportunity to get to know members of their community.


Zack Ellis 1.png

Zack Ellis is a Rochester-native (Brighton) and the Founder & CEO of TheirStory -- a web-based video platform used by cultural heritage institutions like the Council of American Jewish Museums and the Peace Corps to streamline the process of remotely recording, preserving, and making accessible the audiovisual stories of their communities. Prior to TheirStory, Zack spent 6 years working in Silicon Valley in industries ranging from API management, to home health care, to education technology. Zack earned his BA in Bioengineering from the University of Pennsylvania where he was also a member of their Division I wrestling team.